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When The Sun Goes Down
Planning the Funeral of Your Life

by Betty Breuhaus

"I wasn't looking forward to my funeral before reading this book...Well, I'm still not, but now the pill may be a bit easier to swallow." - Alex Beam, Boston Globe columnist

WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN is the first book of its kind to motivate people to plan and prepare for their own funerals, or final life celebrations.  It is not a pedantic tome listing details and lists of things to do.  Rather it is meant to stimulate a creative process.  It is akin to The Perfect Party Planner meets Tuesdays with Morrie

When the Sun Goes Down subscribes that a successful funeral is so personal that the presence of the person is actively felt, and the messages conveyed in the service inspire the attendees to live a more meaningful life.  A serendipitous byproduct of this planning process is an introspective look at your current values and lifestyle, leaving you with fresh perspectives.

Many innovative and alternative approaches for funeral services are explored.

  • Celebrant led services
  • Ethical Wills
  • Services in your garden or favorite pub
  • Funeral Invitations
  • Pre-need caskets built as coffee tables
  • Green Cemeteries
  • Cremated remains crafted into diamonds

"The art of living well and the art of dying well are one." -Epicurus

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