Guide for Book Club Discussion

It is the perfect book for every book club to read and discuss.  It is guaranteed to spark wonderful, meaningful conversations with family and friends.  No one should wait till the end of his or her life to reflect on what matters.  Laugh, learn, and plan your way through this book.  Reading it is a gift to yourself and to the people you care about.

Paula K. Rauch, M.D.
Director, MGH Cancer Center Parenting Program:
Parenting At a Challenging Time
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Here are some suggested topics to spark conversations among book groups.

These suggestions vary to accommodate groups that employ a strict literary analysis to those who discuss more personal responses.  Enjoy – and rest assured – everyone has opinions on these topics!

1. Why do you think it is so difficult for people in our society to discuss death and funerals?


2. Consider both good and not-so-good funerals that you have attended. Discuss the differences.


3. How has this book changed your perspectives on funerals?


4. Have you ever had to organize a funeral “cold turkey” for a loved one?  Was it difficult and why?


5. How would you anticipate using this book?  Is there one aspect that you would act upon sooner rather than later?


6. Discuss the pros and cons of sharing an ethical will with loved ones while you are still with them.


7. What particular vignette would you like someone to tell at your funeral?   How does it define your spirit?


8. Discuss your obituary and describe what important details you would like included.


9. List your three most important successes and describe how you would creatively incorporate them into your funeral.


10. What aspect of your funeral do you think would be the most personal?


11. What are the most compelling reasons for planning your funeral?


12. When considering your personal regrets, do you feel it might be possible to rectify those situations now?

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