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Anyone  who stays away from a death because of distress, because the physical aspects can be so very unpleasant, will turn out to have missed the one experience of a lifetime which can make known the true heights of love.

  - Evelyn Francis Capel (1911 - ), author, priest, and counselor.

WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN has been recognized as a wonderful marketing tool for funeral homes.  It encourages preplanning funerals, but broaches the subject in a very readable and non-threatening fashion.  It encourages the use of funeral homes.  “The funeral home selection is a key ingredient in the planning process.”  And “Funeral directors offer knowledgeable emotional support in all kinds of situations.  Directors have been through the process countless times and may well have suggestions for circumstances you would be hard pressed to anticipate.”

WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN can also be beneficial to estate planners.  After going through the necessary but rather arduous task of composing a legal will, lawyers can give their clients a copy of this book as a perk to remind them of more positive end of life matters.

Betty Breuhaus has given presentations to the ICCFA Convention in Las Vegas, has addressed state funeral directors associations for continuing education credits throughout New England, and countless business and community organizations.  She has also been interviewed on television and radio. Quantity discounts on books are available.

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